Floor Supports

Floor supports are optional equipment on most conveyors. Most supports have a specific adjustment range. Permanent supports have a pivoting connection plate where the support attaches to the conveyor section.

Some things to consider when selecting floor supports:

  • Supports are an option on all conveyors.
  • Permanent floor supports are intended to be lagged to the floor.
  • Temporary floors supports are portable and can be adjusted without tools.
  • Consider adding knee braces with floor support on free standing conveyor sections.
  • The amount of adjustment in the floor support is dependent on the height of the support.
  • Supports are required at each location where bed sections join. Supports are commonly supplied on 10 ft. centers. 5 ft. centers is common to achieve extra load capacity on gravity conveyors.
  • Curved conveyors require a support at each end and a single center leg on the outside radius of the curve.
  • Sharing supports is easily achieved when the two joining conveyors have the same frame depth.
  • Consider the drive depth below the frame when determining the minimum height of your conveyor.
  • Be aware that replacement supports are specified by the height of the SUPPORT itself. Options listed in the online store for a particular conveyor are generally specified to the top of the conveying surface.
Permanent Floor Supports
  • Permanent Floor supports are available on all conveyor widths.
  • Adjustable height on most supports.
  • Independent foot assemblies to accommodate floor variations and aid in leveling.
  • Available for Light Duty (LS), Medium Duty (MS) and Heavy Duty (HS).
  • Contact us for specific application requirements.
Temporary Floor Supports
  • Temporary Floor supports are available for light duty conveyors like skatewheel and 1-3/8 diameter gravity roller conveyors.
  • Adjustable height without the use of tools.
  • Various height ranges are available. 12 in., 15 in., 18 in, and 24 in widths are available.
  • 12 in., 15 in., 18 in, and 24 in widths are available.
  • Contact us for specific application requirements.